Official Site of the Staffordshire Terrier Club of America


Chairperson: Richard Gray

Constitution & Bylaws Committee
Chairperson: Monica Davi

Editorial Committees
Chairperson: Stacy Withrow
Members: Christine Morrison, Dalana Huss, Karen Thomason , Al Bincarousky

Health Committee
Chairperson: Faith Beiser
Members: Sandy Underwood, Heidi McClure, Denise Wedel, Monica Davi

Judges Education Committee
Chairperson: Sara Nugent
Ring Side Mentoring: Lydia Castagna

Judges Selection Committee
Sam Royall (
​Brenda Tatro (

Futurity Chair
Chairperson: Brenda Martz

Legislative Committee
Monique Bertrand

Performance Committee
Chairperson: Jeanette O'Hanlon
​Co-Chairperson: John O'Hanlon
Committee Members:
Al Bincarousky, Dalana Huss, Jaime Nuckles, Kim Meadows Krohn,  Cindy Lottinville, Sylvie Nuzzollio

Public Relations Committee
Chairperson: Pamela Marie Nemec
Members: Betty Michl, Rhonda Edmonds

Rescue Committee
Chairperson: Open