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Important Amstaff health info - we have become aware of a strain of brucellosis known as Swine Brucellosis ( B. Suis) which has affected AmStaffs in Texas. The affected dogs were presented at Texas A&M veterinary hospital and the disease was confirmed. In these Am Staffs it is believed that it may have been transmitted by wild hogs. This has been the situation in Australia where they are also experiencing an outbreak of cases. B. suis is a very serious form of the disease and is zoonotic, contagious and transmissible to humans and other animals. 

The below link explains more about the disease and information on testing. 

Note that the test used to confirm B. suis is not the same test used to confirm B. canis. 
If there are any questions or you feel you or your dogs may have been exposed you may contact Texas A&M Veterinary Laboratory or Iowa State Veterinary Hospital for testing information. We will keep you posted as we gather more information.
Faith Beiser - STCA Health Chairperson

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