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Puppy Nomination $26.25 

Family Membership Renewal $52.00

Litter Nomination $26.25 

Late Fee  Puppy Nomination $26.25

Late Fee Litter Nomination $52.00

Single Membershp $36.50


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​Please note: Late fees we will accept up to 30 days after the deadline if the $50.00 late fee is paid on top of the normal  fees.                       


Year Books (Year Book is for combined years 2008, 2009, 2010)

$50 includes shipping for the United States

Overseas $45 plus shipping, please inquire to see how much shipping is for International orders.


Magazine Only for non-members $62.00 (includes shipping one year subscription) 

Magazine Only Mexico/Canada $65.00 (includes shipping one year subscription)

Magazine Only International $72.00 (includes shipping one year subscription)

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