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​Home of the American Staffordshire Terrier

Chairperson: Al Bincarousky & Carla Restivo

Constitution & Bylaws Committee
Chairperson: Brenda Martz

Health Committee
Chairperson: Lacey Benitez
Committee Members: Kelly Townsend, Gloria Otero, Jessica Branch, Rose Starky and John O’Hanlon.

Judges Education Committee
Chairperson: Sara Nugent
Ring Side Mentoring: Sara Nugent

Judges Selection Committee
Jennifer Steinle

Futurity Chair
Chairperson: Brenda Martz

Legislative Committee
Chairperson: Kelly McCabe

Performance Committee
Chairperson: Jeannette O'Hanlon
​Co-Chairperson: John O'Hanlon
Committee Members:
Al Bincarousky, Dalana Huss, Jaime Nuckles, Kim Meadows Krohn, Cindy Lottinville

Public Relations Committee
Chairperson: Mary Alverson

Rescue Committee
Chairperson: Jaime Nuckles

Show Commitee
Chairperson: Danielle Hanson

Jrs Show Committee
​Gina Dattilo

Code of Ethics Committee
Chairperson: Gina Dattilo

Editorial and Publication Committee
Magazine - Pamela Nemec, Arielle Kenney and Laura Peterson

Newsletter - Jeannette O’Hanlon

Website - Luisma Benitez