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​2022 Renewals - Renewals can be sent via USPS or paid using pay pal. 

When renewing using Pay Pal, please include your name & other members names for the renewal...
Current address, phone number, and email address.  By renewing using pay pal you are opting to receive electronic correspondence from the STCA

John O'Hanlon
  304 Beaver Dam Rd
Selkirk NY  12158


STCA Club Pay Pal Friendly

On Line Form fill out here for Renewals only...

​Please pay renewals for membership separately from any other payments to the club. Make checks, in US funds, drawn on US Banks, payable to STCA and mail, with the renewal application, to: STCA Treasurer: John O’Hanlon, 304 Beaver Dam Road, Selkirk, NY 12158 ​ Or you can pay by * Pay Pal with the address of Then print, fill out and scan the application and email it to John at Please also note on the application the date of the Pay Pal transaction. I (WE) am (are) opting into receiving correspondence from the club via any electronic/digital means in perpetuity as long as I (WE) am (ARE) a member(s) of the club now or whenever I (we) am a member(s) in the future. To opt out of this option I (we) understand that a written statement to opt out of this option must be written to and sent to the corresponding secretary of the club. Visit the STCA Web site at

Questions? Contact STCA Secretary Lacey Benitez