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Performance Committee

​​Chairperson: Jeannette O'Hanlon

Co-Chair: John O'Hanlon

Committee Members: 
Al Bincarousky, Dalana Huss, Kim Meadows Krohn, Jaime Nuckles, Rose Mitman,

Joan McMaster and Monique Bertrand


There are more dog sports than ever before in history. In addition to the historical AKC obedience, rally, tracking and agility events, they now offer coursing aptitude and barn hunt tests at various levels. But, besides the AKC, you have additional organizations which offer the sports of dock diving, weight pull, all breed racing, ring sports, fly ball, nose work, trieball and the list continues.

Our breed standard calls for the American Staffordshire Terrier to give the impression of great strength for his size, a well put-together dog, muscular, but agile and graceful, keenly alive to his surroundings. His courage is proverbial. Because of this, our dogs excel at many dog sports as well as the more traditional work as catch dogs for hunters and ranchers. It is with this in mind that the STCA has recently created the STCA Sprint Racing program, specifically designed to test a dogs prey drive and mental stability.

There is no question that, in an atmosphere of increasing irrational public hostility toward our breed, the presence of our dogs in performance venues is a strongly positive example of their stable and hard working temperaments.

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